Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jessica Jones 1.02

AKA Crush Syndrome

- not quite as dark but still on the dark side
- Luke Cage: both how he was introduced (ep 1) and his controntations with Jessica in this episode seem a little forced; his acting isn't quite doing it for me but I'm curious to see how the relationship evolves and is portrayed
- the meeting with the former bus driver who is missing both kidneys taken by Killgrave
- the tension: really starting to feel like Killgrave could strike at any time
- last two scenes: (1) introduction of Killgrave, don't see his face, just hear his voice; lives up to his reputation; (2) last meeting between Cage and Jessica; him laying his cards on the table

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

- murky for much of the movie; 3-D?
- pacing was kind of nuts; too much happening too quickly for me to get emotionally invested in it
- too gimmicky
- too much joking around, I expected something a little more serious; every scene involved jokes and wisecracks
- lacking in balance
- I would have preferred a movie that was more tightly focused and didn't have quite so wide a scope
- I was confused for much of the movie if there even was a plot
- it might have worked if these characters had been previously established, like the Avengers
- overall if was just too fast, everything happened way too fast

Friday, November 20, 2015

Jessica Jones 1.01

AKA Ladies Night

- dark, powerful
- not great but still there is a lot here that I like
- use of PTSD; hallucinations
- the ending: everything is good and then it isn't; she starts to run and then she turns and decides to stand her ground
- very impressive