Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jessica Jones 1.11

AKA I've Got the Blues

- no Killgrave
- Simpson/Nuke is back causing more trouble; he has clearly gone around the bend
- Trish takes some of his pills, then fights him, then almost dies from withdrawal symptoms
- Simpson gets carted away, after he has been knocked out, by some government types
- Jessica and Trish know that Simpson/Nuke is responsible for killing the detective
- more flashbacks, this time to Trish and Jessica's shared adolescence
- they certainly did make a lot out of showing Simpson/Nuke take the pills; both images and sounds
- overall not as good as the last couple episodes, probably because Killgrave wasn't in it; the ending also wasn't as compelling as the last couple
- Luke Cage Returns

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1.01

Pilot - Part 1

- Rip Hunter recruits superpowered heroes (Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, White Canary) and villains (Captain Cold, Heat Wave) to help him defeat Vandal Savage in the year 2166
- Vandal Savage is responsible for the deaths of Hunter's wife and child
- some of the recruits are reluctant at first
- their first stop after 2016 is 1975 where they meet Aldus Boardman, who's the child of Kendra and Carter in a former life; they hope to get a fix on where to find Vandal Savage from Boardman
- Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and White Canary get into a bar fight while the others are visiting with Boardman
- Chronos, a temporal bounty hunter, shows up and attacks them
- good in a goofy way, sort of like arrow; good not great
- I'm only really familiar with 2 of the actors; (1) Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter) from Dr. Who from a run of episodes that I didn't care for playing a character that I really didn't like; he's better in this but like the show he is a bit silly; (2) Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein) from Alias where he played a much tougher character, Jack Bristow who I kind of like; it is weird seeing him play a much nerdier character
- I want to continue watching; the weird thing is that there are 2+ seasons of Arrow and 1+ seasons of Flash that precede this show that I haven't seen; all of these characters (except Rip Hunter) showed up at least once on one or both of these shows; if I stick with Legends of Tomorrow and there is a crossover then I think I will have to watch those episodes of Arrow or Flash but otherwise I will just stick with watching them in the regular order

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Star Wars: Clone Wars 2.18

The Zillo Beast

- Mace Windu!
- better than I would have assumed it to be based on what I knew going in
- Alliance uses a new weapon that awakens a creature thought to be extinct
- the locals want to kill it; Windu wants to save it, move it elsewhere; Anakin could care less
- in the end they save it but only after arguments with the locals
- the Zillo Best is extremely big, strong, fast, invulnerable; lightsabers just bounce off its hide
- in the end they subdue it by stunning it
- original plan was to take the Zillo Beast to an uninhabited planet; Palpatine changes the plan and tells them to bring it to Coruscant
- favorite episode since I started watching again

Friday, January 22, 2016

Jessica Jones 1.10

AKA 1,000 Cuts

- dealing with the aftermath of Killgrave's escape
- a few more people are murdered: detective, Wendy, Hope
- Simpson came back sooner than I thought he would, by that I mean showed up, not recovered sooner
- Killgrave's father develops an antidote which seems to work
- Hope gets out of prison and then commits suicide, which seemed sudden but was not totally unexpected considering her mood
- liked the flashback scene on the rooftop; two perspectives
- Jessica is immune to Killgrave, and apparently he knew before she knew
- Not sure why Hogarth's new squeeze showed up at Wendy's place just in time to save her and kill Wendy; maybe I missed something
- the scene in the diner wasn't my favorite (upstairs neighbor recruiting people to her cause) but it definitely had reprocussions
- still enjoying it; still doesn't seem too long
- the scene where Wendy was trying to kill Hogarth and counting the cuts: creepy!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Jessica Jones 1.09

AKA Sin Bin

- the one where Jessica has Killgrave locked up for most of the episode but can't get him to confess; she tries a number of things, for a long while Killgrave refuses to use his powers, he knows he is being taped and doesn't want to give away his secret powers
- Hogarth is seriously tempted to release Killgrave and almost does, but Jessica returns abruptly
- the secret of Simpson is finally revealed: he is going to become Nuke (Daredevil: Born Again); I knew or suspected that something was up with him after last episode but it wasn't until the doctor was explaining to him about the pills (red, blue, white) that I figured it out
- Killgrave escaped because of Trish; I figured that glass was bulletproof but she proved me wrong
- finding his parents was convenient but it also added an interesting layer to this episode
- very glad that they didn't take the easy way out with this episode; David Tennant was great; loved how Killgrave changes over the course of this one
- looks like Jessica just discovered that Killgrave's power does not work on her anymore (at the end of the episode)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Star Wars: Clone Wars 2.17

Bounty Hunters

- dedicated to Akira Kurosawa
- homage to the Seven Samurai; nice try but no cigar, doesn't hold a candle to the original; dedication made me hope for more than what I got
- Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka
- bounty hunters (new); pirates (old)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jessica Jones 1.08


- Loved this episode although it didn't impress me at first
- Lots of Jessica and Killgrave
- Loved the twist at the end of the episode, although maybe I should have seen it coming
- Not sure how Simpson evaded detection all that time; planted the bomb, snuck into the house, etc.
- Is Simpson dead? Probably not.
- Interesting seeing Killgrave go along with Jessica and do a good deed
- More of Jessica's background and Killgrave's
- Chinese food, Patsy Walker, Hogarth & Wendy, iPhone typing

Star Wars: Clone Wars 2.16

Cat and Mouse

- Anakin, Cloaking Device
- not much in the way of character beats other than Anakin being stubborn, although he does seem to show some restraint in this one
- Anakin and Ben lead a task force to resupply an alliance stronghold which is under attack by separatist forces

Friday, January 1, 2016

Jessica Jones 1.07

AKA Top Shelf Pervert

- Jessica tries to get herself locked up but Killgrave steps in and prevents the police from locking her up
- Killgrave says he's in love with Jessica! WTF! Don't believe him! He's nuts!
- Officer Mahoney from Daredevil makes an appearance
- Trish and Will are back
- Ruben gets killed by Killgrave and left in Jessica's bed
- Killgrave sneaks into Jessica's apartment
- Jessica threatens Wendy, Jeri Hogarth's wife, whom Hogarth wants to divorce
- bit of an inbetweener, a lot happens but not much resolution
- What's up with Will? Why hasn't he told Trish he found Killgrave? Is he trying to protect her or is he under Killgrave's spell?