Saturday, June 25, 2016

Teen Titans 1.10

Mad Mod

- with no explanation as to how they got there, other than a throwaway line about sleeping gas, the Teen Titans find themselves the prisoners of Mad Mod, a British villain who talks like he is running a school when what he seems to be trying to do is kill them; they spend most of the episode fighting for their lives until Robin finally figures out what needs to be done to stop Mad Mod
- Mad Mod's world was very trippy and MC Escher-esque
- Mad Mod's world also reminded me of murder world, Arcade's death dealing amusement park that the X-Men dealt with in Uncanny X-Men 123-124, 145-147
- I was really looking forward to watching this ones, it wasn't great but I think I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, mostly due to the trippy nature of some of the visuals
- Robin seems to be the main character in this one; we don't get to see  CYborg and Raven escape, they just meet up with Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy, after Robin saves Starfire, and they rescue Beast Boy

Friday, June 24, 2016

Daredevil 2.12

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

- lots of insight into Elektra's past; see her as a young child being trained by Stick; see how far back her violent streak goes
- Stick wasn't just training her; he was trying to protect her; he's the ones who introduced her to her adoptive parents, the Natchios
- This is probably my favorite part of this episode especially, the moments when Nobu and the Hand bows before her; the moments when she has to decide whether to accept their offer or not; partly I think it is the sudden turn of events
- Karen continues her turn as an investigator for the Bulletin, she visits Col. Schoonover (Clancy Brown) only to discover that he was the Blacksmith (?); actually it isn't clear to me if he was the Blacksmith; looks like he was planning to kill Karen when Frank shows up; Frank kills him, despite Karen's pleas for him not to
- on the whole I enjoyed this episode much more than the last one; some of the fight scenes were lacking something but the bits with Daredevil were always good, Elektra not so much

Friday, June 10, 2016

Daredevil 2.11


- not my favorite episode; lacked focus
- Frank uses Karen as bait for the mob; this part of the story is starting to feel like setup for the upcoming Punisher series
- the opening was a bit anticlimactic; I was expecting more when I saw ninjas (the Hand) approaching the hospital at the end of episode 10
- What is Elektra's motivation? Why does she hate Stick so much? Why does she continue to kill his men?
- I was excited to see that Stick was going to be in this episode  but disappointed by how little of him there was in it
- Who is the Blacksmith? Is this someone from the comics or someone made up for the the show?I'm afraid I will learn more than I want to know if I start googling it/him

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Teen Titans 1.09


- Slade returns with an army of robots
- Robin goes under cover as the Red X to try and catch Slade; he doesn't tell the others what he is up to but eventually they figure it out, unfortunately for Robin, Slade also figures it out
- In the end Robin does not catch Slade but only a robot that looks like him
- plotwise a solid episode but a bit lacking in character development moments, especially for Robin
- so far, of all the characters, Robin seems the most monolithic or two-dimensional

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Daredevil 2.10

The Man in the Box

- things get considerably more interesting
- someone guns down Reyes (DA) and the ME in separate incidents; at first in looks like the Punisher is to blame but by the end of the episode it is clear that he is not, that he being framed
- Matt goes to the prison to interview Fisk; it doesn't go well; he angers Fisk by bringing up Vanessa and threatening to ensure that she won't be allowed to step foot in the US again; Fisk manhandles Matt and promises he will get revenge on Matt and Foggy
- by far, the confrontation in the prison was my favorite of this episode but by no means was it the only one I liked
- the hit man tries to take down Karen but she is saved by Frank, in her apartment, her police escort is gone, vanished, how or why is unclear
- Elektra fights a would be assassin at the airport, an airport, in a hangar; for a brief moment I wondered if the would be assassin was Bullseye but she killed him; before he died he told her that Stick had sent him
- the episode opened with the rescue of the 5 people who were in cages at the end of episode 9; they are taken to Metro General Hospital after DD has a chat with Detective Mahoney
- the 5 are looked after by Claire Temple; Matt comes to visit and they have a couple chats; the 5 don't seem normal even after they wake up; they are missing their fingernails; towards the end of the episode they awaken and kill the accountant as the Hand (?) returns for them
- Foggy also spends some time in MGH after he gets shot in the arm during the incident when Reyes was killed; he is still in the hospital when the Hand returns
- lots of setup; definite inbetweener but beautifully done in ways that made it feel important and more than just a bridge to the next big event; Matt and Fisk was definitely an important moment in both their lives

Teen Titans 1.08

Deep Six

- Underwater adventure as the Teen Titans team-up with Aqualad to battle Trident
- Beast Boy gets the biggest spotlight in this episode as there is much team-up between he and Aqualad
- with the exception of the beginning and the end of this episode it all takes place under the sea
- Trident turns out to be one of many clones
- At first Beast Boy and Aqualad don't get along but eventually they become friends after being forced to work together
- Beast Boy's fave creature in this episode is a giant squid
- Raven and Starfire go ga-ga for Aqualad
- On the whole lots of fun even if everything wasn't really explained in the end; where did all those Trident clones come from? could Slade be behind this?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1.16


- far from my favorite episode; worked too hard to wrap everything up nice & neat; honestly wasn't sure what to expect going in; things just got too convenient and fluid
- don't understand how something (destroying the meteors) was supposed to be happening in three different time periods simultaneously
- the episode opens with Rip ditching the remaining members of the team; Carter and Kendra are captives of Vandal Savage; Captain Cold is dead; Heat Wave, White Canary, Ray Palmer, Dr. Stein, and Jackson get dropped in May 2016 and for a short while return to their lives
- Soon they get back together and using a device created by Stein and Palmer they get Rip to return to 2016
- Meanwhile Kendra has left a message for them in a helmet (which made me think at first that the character wearing it was Sgt Rock) just before she gets captured by Vandal Savage; no mention of how she escaped
- The message tells them to look in St. Lo, France in 1944; they do and also manage to free the Hawks
- The rest of the episode is about stopping Vandal Savage once and for all; he has a plan which uses the 3 meteors which came from Thanagar and crashed in Egypt in 1700 BC; he wants to turn the clock back to 1700 BC and start things all over again; too bad for him they defeat and kill him in 3 different time periods: 1975, 1955, and 2021; it was the meteors that gave Vandal Savage and the Hawks their powers and when he tries blowing them up he becomes mortal or killable once again
- the ending, the very ending, with Rex Tyler aka Hourman is enough to make me want to come back for more but the ending of the season was not satisfying, by ending I mean the last 3-4 episodes; the last episode I really enjoyed was Last Refuge (12) although there were some parts from Leviathan (13) that I liked but not how it ended or how the rest of the season played out

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Arrow 2.07

State v. Queen

- not a great episode
- Moira goes on trial, at first it doesn't look good but then she gets acquitted
- Laurel seems to have withheld something, what happened to her ace in the hole?
- Vertigo shows up again; in a flashback it is shown how he broke out of Iron Heights after the earthquake damaged the prison; he also helped the serial killer from 2.03 breakout
- Vertigo unleashes another drug on the city which was distributed via flu shots to its unknown victims, which include Diggle and the lead prosecutor in the case versus Moira
- Brother Blood is behind Vertigo's actions actions; in the end Ollie kills Vertigo, who has figured out he is the masked vigilante
- episode ends with the return of Malcolm Merlyn and the reveal (his reveal) that Thea is his daughter; implied that he has been through a Lazarus pit
- more flashbacks to the island with Sarah, Shado, Slade, Ivo, and more; episode ends with Ollie escaping with Sarah, Slade, and Shado and a number or Ivo's men dead
- no good acction in this one, a bit blah, a definite inbetweener type of episode