Thursday, November 29, 2018

Atypical 2.02

Penguin Cam and Chill

Paige is back from Maine. Back to where, I'm not sure. She wants to keep things casual with Sam. He's confused, at first. Zahid tries talking some sense into Sam. He thinks Sam should lean back and enjoy the ride: all the fun with none of the responsibility. Zahid has an analogy about having a dragon for a pet but it doesn't connect with Sam.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cowboy Bebop 1.16

Black Dog Serenade

Jet answers a call from Fad, an old friend. Fad and Jet were partners when Jet was with the Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP). The last case they worked on together was the case that cost Jet his left arm. They were on the trail of an mob assassin named Udai. Jet got caught in an ambush, was badly injured, and quit the force.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Casual 4.03

Virtual Reality

Alex decides after a series of bad dates to experiment with virtual reality. He meets a woman. She seems great but in the end it appears that she was just trying to scam him. I had such high hopes for Alex after the last episode only to have them dashed on the rocks. *grumble*

Valerie says goodbye to all her clients. Some take it better than others. She recommends some of them to Leia. She spends the rest of the episode trying to decide how to set up her wine shop. She gets some professional advice but that really doesn't help her decide.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

UnReal 3.06


Rachel tries to keep an eye on her father. He seems normal but Dr. Simon warns her that he needs his meds or else he will start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Rachel needs to work and leaves her Dad in her trailer. He wanders off and surprises Serena by wandering into her room while she is in the shower. Rachel was trying to keep his presence on the set a secret but all of sudden everyone knows about it.

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Phil Silvers Show 1.03


Sgt Bilko is gunning for a billet that includes a jeep. He uses a bit of trickery to convince the other Master Sergeants not to bother applying for the billet. He then discovers that a new Master Sgt has also applied for the job. The new MSgt turns out to be a woman. Bilko quickly discovers that she knows about him and his tricks. She also knows how to play those games at least as good as he does.

The Big Combo (1955)

Starring Cornel Wilde, Richard Conte
Directed by Joseph Lewis

Police Lieutenant Leonard Diamond (Wilde) seeks to take down Mr. Brown (Conte), the head of the local mob. Susan Lowell (Jean Wallace), Brown's girlfriend is caught in the middle. She doesn't like the way Brown treats her but she is unwilling to testify against him. Diamond doesn't have anything on Brown until Lowell attempts to commit suicide. While she is in the hospital she mumbles a name, Alicia, which Diamond overhears. The name leads him on a hunt to discover who Alicia is and what happened to her.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Atypical 2.01


Doug moves out after (1) he sees the note that Casey wrote on the dry erase board in the kitchen and (2) Elsa admits what she did. He punches a hole in the wall which Elsa covers up with a Christmas sign. Elsa and Casey try to keep Sam in the dark about why his father has moved out. They tell him that it is because Doug is building a porch for his father, Doug's father.

Luke Cage 2.07

On and On

Luke experiences a series of visions before he regains the ability to move and saves himself from drowning. He goes to find Piranha, whom he left in his father's care, only to discover that Piranha left. Bushmaster has Piranha and wants him to hand over the passwords to Mariah's accounts. Piranha says he can't do that but Bushmaster insists.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Cowboy Bebop 1.15

My Funny Valentine

Something jogs Faye's memory and she flashes back to before she met the crew of the Bebop. She remembers how little she remembers and why. She remembers Whitney Hagas Matsumoto, a man with whom she fell in love and who broke her heart. He's dead now, or so she thinks until he shows up very much alive and with a bounty on his head.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Casual 4.02

The Missing Piece

Alex cannot get over the fact that Rae is happy with Jeff. He tries talking to Jeff. He invites him over for dinner with him and Leon. It doesn't seem to help. He tries to get Jeff to talk about his relationship with Rae. That doesn't help. Eventually Jeff gets the message and leaves. Leon leaves at the same time. Alex invites Annie, his current hookup, to come over. He wants what Rae has but with Annie but she isn't interested in that.

Valerie gets morose over the direction in which her life is headed. Seeing her dead neighbor's stuff dumped on the curb doesn't help. Talking to Rita, one of her other neighbors doesn't help either. She winds up going out with Rita and Leia.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Star Trek: Enterprise 2.26

The Expanse

Enterprise returns to Earth after it was attacked by a probe of uknown origin which carved a trench from Florida to Venezuela. On the way back the Enterprise has a couple encounters. The first is with the Suliban. They kidnap captain Archer. Silik takes him to see the Time Traveler.  The mysterious man warns him about the Xindi, a race of beings who will be wiped out by humans, 400 years in the future. The second encounter is with Klingons, who want revenge for what Archer did to them in a recent episode, which I have not seen. The Klingons have got the upper hand until a few other Earth vessels arrive and join the fight. The Klingons are forced to retreat and run away.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Zodiac (2007)

starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards, Robert Downey, Jr.
directed by David Fincher

A serial killer terrorizes people in California in the 1970s.

Robert Graysmith (Gyllenhaal), a cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle, becomes obsessed with the case and eventually goes on to write a couple books about it. He puts himself and his family in danger as he investigates the killer.

David Toschi (Ruffalo) and William Armstrong (Edwards) are the police detectives tasked with finding the killer who goes by the name Zodiac. They come close but ultimately are taken off the case after it goes cold.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Casual 4.01


Years have passed since the end of season 3. This episode seems to be mostly about catching up, which isn't unusual for a season opener, and setting the scene for the final 7 episodes.

Valerie is having weird dreams. She doesn't seem to be in a relationship. She's anxious about something.

Alex has shaved his beard. He and Rae have a child now, Carrie. They are all living together but Alex and Rae are dating other people. It's a little weird. Alex can't seem to enjoy himself. Alex decides to assemble an earthquake survival kit. At the end of the episode he is angry at Rae for bringing her boyfriend home with her.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Night of the Comet (1984)

Starring Catherine Mary Stewart, Robert Beltran, Kelli Maroney
Directed by Thom Eberhardt

Reggie wakes up the night after Halley's comet returns and discovers that almost everybody in town is dead, vaporized by the comet. The ones who didn't die have been turned to zombies or eaten by the zombies. Reggie heads for home where she finds just Samantha, her sister. Sam is completely unaware of what happened until Reggie shows her.

They argue about what to do but then they hear a voice on the radio. The sisters go to the radio station. There they meet Hector, a truck driver who was passing through the area. There is no DJ at the radio station. It was just a recording. Samantha messes with the broadcasting equipment and is heard by a group of scientists in a bunker.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Luke Cage 2.06

The Basement

Luke and Piranha run from the club. The Jamaicans are hot on their trail. They evade their pursuers but the Jamaicans find them. Piranha's leg gets injured when Luke throws him from one building to another. The Jamaicans catch up to them again. Luke gets his hands on their squad leader. He tries to scare him but the man isn't afraid. Luke and Pirahna take off and hide out in an old movie theater, the Uptown.

Misty is at the police station. Mariah has been brought in after the debacle at the new health center. The heads on the poles in the health center have been identified. One was Coackroach. Misty was getting to plant evidence in his apartment when she found his headless body. She wants to interrogate Mariah but Captain Ridenhour won't let her. Misty overhears a conversation between Captain Ridenhour and Mariah and learns that they went to high school together. He even has a pet name for her.