Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Casual 4.07

All About You

Everything seems to be coming to a head. Two or three of the storylines seem to get wrapped up for the most part, but I'm sure that there will be more in the final episode.

Leon and Leia go to a mediator to help them with their separation or divorce. That gets the ball rolling. There is lots of Leon in this episode but little of Leia. She shows up at the beginning and the end. Leon is obviously torn over their relationship. He wants to have a child. She does not. He can't seem to reconcile staying with Leia and not having a child. Leia breaks the impasse when she she shows up at the end of the episode. Based on what happens next it seems like they are going to stay together, even though they both have their doubts.

Val and John babysit for Alex and Rae. Once Carrie has gone to bed, Val suggests that they get in the hot tub. John wants to go for a run first. Val doesn't understand why but she lets him go. She gets in the hot tub with a glass a wine. He seems to be gone an awfully long time. Turns out he fell down an embankment, hit his head, was taken to the hospital, and had to get stitches.

John is well enough the next day to go for a run but he can't stop talking about what happened. He posts on social media about it, which is how Laura finds out about it. He is treating it like a religious experience. He gets angry at Val when she questions the seriousness of the incident.

Laura goes to see Tathiana but she winds up staying much longer than anticipated. Tathiana and one of her classmates are working on a design project. Laura stands in for a model who never shows up and helps them with a fitting. Laura apologizes to Tathiana after the fitting is over and it is just the two of them. Tathiana explains that she is seeing someone else now. Laura accepts that and invites her to dinner with that understanding.

Alex and Rae go on a date but it doesn't get very far. Rae reveals that Jeff has received a job offer in Houston. She wants to go with him and wants to take Carrie with her. The reason why she slept with Alex is because Jeff had just told her and she was freaked out about the idea of moving so far away. Alex comes home alone from the date, numb. The next day he goes to see Jeff at his work place. Jeff punches Alex in the face. Alex doesn't fight back. He just asks if they are even now.

Another good one. I had a feeling when the episode began, after the first scene with Val and John, that things were not headed in the right direction for them. It was good to see Leia and Leon get back together. Their break up seemed much too sudden, especially considering how they've been married for a few years. I wonder if Rae will change her mind about moving with Jeff after she hears about what he did. I'm not sure what to expect from the final episode of the series from Laura's relationship with Tathiana. I feel the same way about Leia and Leon, and Val and John. I expect that they will be in the final episode but I think that most of the focus will be on Rae and Alex.

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