Friday, January 4, 2019

NewsRadio 3.07


Dave agrees to wear a really dorky outfit for Halloween in order to get everyone else to dress up for Mr. James' party. He dresses up as a woman and wears one of Lisa's dresses. Lisa gets angry at him because she feels that he looks better in it than she does.

Bill becomes very morbid after a psychic tells him he only has 36 years to live. He starts dating a much older woman than himself but ends it when the psychic revises her prediction and tells him he has much longer to live

A decent but not great episode. I remember this one and may have seen it when it first aired in 1996. Some of Joe and Bill's comments about Matthew on this episode (and others) are homophobic, which wasn't unusual in the mid-1990s but probably wouldn't make on the air today.

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