Thursday, January 3, 2019

UnReal 3.10


Well, I kind of guessed the outcome, or at least part of it, but there was still at least one twist in the tale that I wasn't expecting. I have to say that this season of the show was the most lackluster to date. I get the friendship between Rachel and Quinn but the rest of it felt like window dressing and didn't carry any heft.

The show moves to Serena's parents' home in Connecticut for the final episode. She has to choose between Owen and Jasper. Owen brings his daughter. Jasper brings his parents. Both fumble their way through interactions with Serena's, parents.

Quinn discovers the hidden camera in Rachel's trailer. She figures out who put it there fairly quickly and fires Dr. Simon. He tries to defend himself but she doesn't want to hear it. Dr. Simon follows the crew of Everlasting to Connecticut. He tries talking to Rachel. He tries to spin the firing as a good thing. He's in love with Rachel. Now they can be together. Rachel is rightfully disgusted and tells him off.

Fiona gets promoted to the number 2 spot at the network, thanks for helping Gary get rid of Quinn's evidence against him. Quinn goes to see Fiona and asks her to consider an alliance. She brings a mound of information she has on Gary. Maybe it is mostly hearsay but if she had this information before then why didn't she use it?

Gary shows up with his wife for the final episode of Everlasting. It isn't long before he finds out that there are 11 women there with whom he slept. They have teamed up together and are filing a class action lawsuit against him. Gary leaves very disgruntled. By the end of the episode more women have stepped forward to join the lawsuit.

Serena's offer to Rachel from the previous episode still stands. Rachel tells Quinn about it. Quinn wants her to stay but Rachel won't listen. Rachel pulls a stunt during the filming of the final episode: she talks Crystal, Chet's girlfriend, into proposing to Chet on camera. Chet turns her down. He's still in love with Quinn and he says so, on camera.

Owen tries proposing to Serena but she turns him down. Jasper thinks that clears the way for him so he pulls the same stunt with the same result. There was a scene leading up to this where Serena was asking Rachel who she should pick. Rachel refused to help her. For a second there I wondered if Serena was going to pick Rachel. That didn't happen. If anything I got the impression that Serena really wanted Rachel to choose for her and held it against her when she wouldn't.

That's basically it. There's more loose ends that get tied up one way or another. In the end it all felt kind of silly and toothless. The first season had some real drama. This season was almost entirely lacking in that department. I don't have any strong desire to give the final season of the show a try, even though it is two episodes shorter. It feels about 8 episodes too long at this point.

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