Sunday, March 27, 2016

Daredevil 2.02

Dogs to a Gunfight

- still not great, lacking in great moments
- Foggy gets on my nerves; the moment where he grabbed the Daredevil costume as if he was going to take it away from Matt, puh-lease!
- at the same time he was the one who found Matt on a rooftop; love to have seen the trip back to Matt's apartment because I can't imagine it
- we get more of the Punisher; the scene in the pawn shop was the first one that I really liked
- the whole thing with Grotto and the DA wasn't bad but it wasn't great or really good
- it feels like the show is treading water, 2 episodes into the season and it already feels like the episodes are being padded
- the Daredevil-Punisher fight scene was pretty good

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Justice League Unlimited 3.04

To Another Shore

- the Viking Prince episode
- an ancient wiking ship is discovered buried in the ice; it is believed that the Viking Prince is aboard the ship; the Legion of Doom sends Devil Ray, Giganta, Killer Frost, and Heat Wave to retrieve it
- Wonder WOman is nearby at a global warming conference and winds up getting into a fight with the villains; when WW falters King Faraday shows up with reinforcements; when that doesn't prove to be enough Wonder Woman calls to the watch tower for help
- Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter quickly rush in to help; Martian Manhunter tries reading Giganta's mind to figure out what is going onbut all he gets is something about Viking Prince's invulnerability and then her mind gets wiped out
- Using a sub Devil Ray takes off with the Viking Ship which is still frozen in ice; Green Arrow makes his way on to the sub and almost catches it single-handed
- with some help from King Faraday the sub is captured by the good guys
- Martian Manhunter convinces Killer Frost to save the conference attendees from an avalanche

- So many great moments:
- Wonder Woman confronting J'onn about his reluctance to go out on a missions and J'onn throwing it back in her face
- the tale of the Viking Prince's origin as told by Gorilla Grodd using still images of Joe Kubert art
- Wonder Woman reading while the Viking Prince and his ship burn up as they approach the sun and Martian Manhunter leaving the League indefinitely
- Green Arrow's quips and commentary
- Mr Terrific - crossword puzzle in ink

- the ending brought tears to my eyes
- J'onn materializes; changes to human form, merges into the crowd

- The Viking Prince
- created by Bob Kanigher and Joe Kubert
- first appeared in Brave and the Bold 1 (Aug/Sep 1955)
- regular in B&B until #24
- also Sgt. Rock team-up story in Our Army at War 162-163 (Jan & Feb 1966) - reprinted in Sgt. Rock Special 1 (1988)
- Viking Prince Collection
- Birds of Prey (2000s); Arak, Son of Thunder (1980s)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Daredevil 2.01


- opens with DD picking off and taking down some armed robbers who are running (on foot) from the cops
- Foggy and Matt on the street, talking about Foggy's love life but that quickly morphs into a discussion of Matt's superhero life
- Foggy and Matt arrive at the office, which is full of potential clients, very different from last season, all of them poor, only able to pay in food
- Karen reveals that they (the law firm) is broke, but later we see them at a bar; maybe Karen was just exaggerating?
- In another part of town a meeting of Irish mobsters is gunned down in cold blood; one man survives, escapes, meets (inadvertently?) Matt, Foggy, and Karen at Josie's; his name is Grotto; before their conversation ends Grotto collapses unconscious, from the wounds he sustained
- Karen takes Grotto to the hospital while the other two investigate the mass killing; Grotto and the police seem to think it is a group or gang but it is not
- Grotto flips out when he discovers that he has been checked into a hospital; Karen does her best to reassure him that they didn't use his real name or reveal what actually happened to him
- Foggy and Matt first visit the scene of the crime where they meet Officer Mahoney; he is reluctant to speak but they eventually convince him that they are on his side and get some information out of him
- As Daredevil, Matt tracks down Turk and gets a lead from him which leads him to a warehouse
- Foggy goes to a biker bar where he learns about the death of a biker whom he helped a few years earlier, and almost gets himself killed
- In the hospital Karen and Grotto almost get killed and are forced to run when someone targeting Grotto comes after him; Grotto is in the assassin's cross-hairs when Daredevil arrives and gets into a fight with the assassin
- The fight goes back and forth on the rooftops until the assassin and shoots Daredevil and he falls off the roof
- Obviously the assassin is the Punisher; similar to the way that Kingpin and Killgrave were introduced, we don't get to see Punisher's face until the very end
- Daredevil's costume looks a bit wonky, especially the eyes
- overall I like it, I want to see more but I don't love it

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1.08

Night of the Hawk

- good, fun episode but not exactly what I thought it would be; instead of the return of Hawkman (which I am starting to believe won't ever happen in a meaningful way) this episode delivered a 1950s science fiction horror story plus the return of Vandal Savage
- the team tracks down Vandal Savage in a small town in Oregon
- Shayera and Ray Palmer masquerade as a couple and move into a hoise that is coincidentally next door to the one where Vandal Savage lives
- Vandal Savage has assumed the identity of Dr. Curtis Knox and works at the local insane asylum where he is conducting experiments using a meteorite that contains nth metal
- Dr. Stein and White Canary masquerade as a doctor and nurse at the same asylum where Vandal Savage works
- Rip and Captain Cold briefly masquerade as FBI agents
- Turns out that Vandal Savage is turning his unwilling test subjects into hawk creatures by injecting them with an extract from the meteorite
- issues of racism and sexism are dealt with in this episode as well as same sex relationships
- Chronos turns up at the end of the episode and makes his way on to the time ship, which takes off leaving Shayera, White Canary, and Ray behind
- still don't know what happened to Heat Wave, although the subject of his disappearance is brought up on more than one occasion; Captain Cold doesn't want to talk about it or his role in it; he still seems to feel betrayed by Heat Wave and conflicted over what he did

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Justice League Unlimited 3.03

Chaos at the Earth's Core

- Green Lantern, Stargirl, and STRIPE battle a kaiju, specifically a giant turtle, in Japan; at the last minute Supergirl joins the fight, which they win by shrinking the Giant Turtle
-  While flying back to the U.S. in a Javelin the team gets sucked into a hole in the Earth that leads to Skartaris
- First they are attacked by lizard men riding on dinosaurs; Supergirl discovers that her powers don't work very well
- the leaguers team-up with Morgan Travis, the Warlord, and his allies (Jennifer, Machiste, Shakira, Tara) to battle Deimos who now controls most of Skartaris and is currently trying to get his hands on a giant chunk of Kryptonite that is in a temple
- assisting Deimos are Metallo and Silver Banshee
- lots of little moments give screen time to Warlord's allies but he gets considerably more more for himself
- Stargirl is quite happy to see Supergirl taken down a notch after Supergirl stole the spotlight in Japan; apparently Supergirl was there for a Supergirl-themed convention
- Silver Banshee disappears mid-way through the episode after briefly fighting Green Lantern; STRIPE and Green Lantern drop out of the episode at this point but reappear at the end; at this point the focus seems to shift to Warlord battling Deimos, and Stargirl and Supergirl battling Metallo
- After the battle the leaguers interrogate Metallo; he is about to spill the beans when his body short circuits and he is frozen
- Supergirl's costume and hair have changed since season 2
- Animation not so great
- This one felt a little rushed and overstuffed with cameos
- So far we are seeing members of the Legion of Doom show up playing small roles; more eye candy than anything else; they have yet to deliver on the promise made in episode 3.01
- I enjoyed this episode more for what it could have been than what it is; probably my favorite part of this episode is the rivalry between Supergirl and Stargirl; although I'm not crazy about Supergirl's new look it is good to see her back in action; she was an important player in seasons 1 and 2

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1.07


- big improvement over the last episode
- space rescue, turns out to be a trap
- time pirates
- more background on Rip Hunter and his wife through a few flashbacks
- more relationship development between Ray Palmer and Shayera
- Dr. Stein - to the rescue, special forces commando style
- Heatwave still angry at Captain Cold, helps the bad guys (pirates)
- CLiffhanger ending: what did Captain Cold do exactly? Is Heatwave dead or just frozen in a block of ice? Where did they drop Heatwave?
- good fight scenes, once again
- not the best episode plot-wise but I really liked the character moments

Star Wars:Clone Wars 2.22

Lethal Trackdown

- a bit less than what I had hoped for
- Boba Fett gets cold feet, Aura Singh doesn't feel the same
- the bounty hunters still have 3 hostages and try to lure Mace Windu into yet another trap, but Mace stays home; in his place Plo Koon and Ahsoka Tano track down the bounty hunters and eventually recover the two surviving hostages
- Hondo Ohnaka, also appears but he stays on the sidelines and chooses not to get involved despite his past relationship with Singh
- I guess I was expecting more from Boba Fett in this story even though he didn't seem quite as blood thirsty in the last episode as he did in the previous one; I don't doubt his desire for revenge on Windu but he seemed to deplore the tactic of killing others to get at Windu