Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Captain Harlock (1978) 1.13

The Castle of Evil in the Sea of Death

The Arcadia returns to Earth and heads to the Sargasso Sea, off the eastern coast of South America. Captain Harlock makes a visit to a military base in South America on the way to their destination. The Arcadia is attacked by a submarine which looks like I-168, a Japanese submarine that disappeared during World War II more than 1000 years before.

The submarine fires a single torpedo, which doesn't do any damage to the Arcadia, and then takes off. The Arcadia follows it. 

Commander Kiruta gets word of Captain Harlock's return after Harlock calls Mayu. Harlock wanted to make sure she was okay. Kiruta leads a squadron of fighter planes against the Arcadia but their weapons aren't powerful enough to damage the Arcadia.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Atypical 4.06

Are You in Fair Health?

Sam asks Zahid to take care of Edison the Turtle while Sam is in Antarctica. Zahid says he will but then Sam gets angry with him. Zahid doesn't seem to take the task seriously. Sam goes looking for someone else to take care of Edison.

Doug pushes Casey to train harder. He doesn't like Izzy. He thinks Izzy is keeping Izzy from training hard enough to get into UCLA.

Izzy and Casey's relationship gets a little rocky when Izzy finds out that Casey updated Izzy's take home test, before turning it in. Izzy thinks Casey did it because she thinks Izzy is dumb. Casey tries to apologize but Izzy doesn't want to hear it.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Samurai Jack 5.01


Jack is an older man now. He is haunted by his past, memories of his parents. His magic sword is gone. He rides a motorcycle. He fights with guns and knives. 

Seven girls are trained from infancy. They are the Daughters of Aku. Their mission in life is to find and kill Samurai Jack.

Jack arrives at a burned out city. Scaramouch, the minion of Aku who destroyed the city, has been waiting for Jack. Scaramouch is a robot but his voice is magical. He has a sense of humor but his jokes fall flat on Jack's ears. Scaramouch seems to get the upper hand in the fight but Jack is victorious in the end.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Un Village Français 1.04

Sur la terre comme aux ciel
or On Earth as it is in Heaven

Oct 15, 1940

Jacques is walking through the woods near Villeneuve when he sees a parachute. He finds the man who landed nearby. He is an English pilot and he's wounded.

A man shows up at the home of Daniel Larcher. The man is looking for his new born son. He has a picture of his wife. The woman in the picture is the mother of Tequiero. Daniel claims he wasn't in town the day that the man says his son was born, Jun 12. The man leaves empty handed. Daniel doesn't tell Hortense, his wife, who was at the door.

Raymond Schwartz is driving Marie Germain home when they get stopped by Jacques. He has a gun and he insists that they come with him. He takes them to the English pilot. Together they get him into a small abandoned cabin. Marie tries to care for him but he is badly wounded. Raymond has to leave. He has a meeting with Von Ritter.

Tequiero's father goes to see the police, De Kervern and Marchetti. They ask him some questions and recommend he talk to Dr. Larcher. He explains that he already did but Dr. Larcher lied to him.

The Phil Silvers Show 2.01

Platoon in the Movies

Lieutenant Pierson of the motion pictures office of the Army comes to Fort Baxter looking for some men to star in a training movie about spark plugs. Bilko does everything he can to get his platoon involved. Lt. Pierson picks Pvt. Doberman to be in the movie, against Bilko's advice.

Shooting the movie doesn't exactly go according to plan. Lt. Pierson gets frustrated and puts Bilko in charge of shooting the movie. Bilko radically changes the script and makes it into a musical. Doberman plays a shiny new sparkplug and Bilko plays an old worn out sparkplug.

Friday, November 26, 2021

El Mariachi (1992)

starring Carlos Gallardo, Consuelo Gomez, Peter Marquardt
directed by Robert Rodriguez

A mariachi (Carlos Gallardo) comes to town looking for work. He gets mistaken for Azul, a killer, whom Moco, the local mob boss, wants dead. Moco's men come after the Mariachi. He kills some of them in self-defense. The Mariachi hooks up with Domino. She helps him out not realizing that he his wanted by Moco. 

El Mariachi and Azul cross paths and accidentally exhange guitar cases. Azul winds up with the guitar and El Mariachi with the guns.

Freaks and Geeks 1.17

The Little Things

The Vice President of the United States, George H. W. Bush, is coming to speak at McKinley. Cindy is the president of the school's Young Republicans Club and will get to introduce him at the assembly. Sam hangs out with Cindy and her friends. He's getting tired of it and suggests that they go one a date, one that he plans. She agrees.

Amy tells Ken a secret about herself. She was born with both male and female genitalia. Her parents had the male parts removed when she was a baby. Ken doesn't know how to react. He likes her but he is unable to show it. He shares this information with Daniel and Nick, even though he told Amy he wouldn't share it with anyones else.

Mr. Rosso selects Lindsey to ask the first question of the Vice President. She has to submit her question in advance for approval and it gets rejected. The Vice President's people want her to ask him what's his favorite place to eat in Michigan. She's angry. Mr. Rosso isn't happy either. She tells her parents but they just want her to mention her father's hardware store when she's asking the question.