Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Atypical 2.06

In the Dragon's Lair

Elsa and Doug talk to Arlo's parents, Holly and Theo. They used to be friends. They went camping together when Sam was still little. Eventually the two families stopped seeing one another, mostly because Sam was too disruptive. Arlo's parents apologize for what he did, refund the money he got from Sam, and replace his iPhone. Everything is going great until Theo says something disparaging about Sam.

Sam spends the night at Zahid's place, where he lives with his parents or his roommates, as Zahid refers to them. They do their best to make Sam feel welcome but Sam can't stand it and takes off in the middle of the night. A policeman spots Sam and thinks he is high on drugs. Zahid shows up but they both end up getting arrested when Zahid tries arguing with the officer. Sam and Zahid talk while they are waiting to get booked. Zahid tells him about how he wanted to be a nurse when he was growing up. He also tells him about why he didn't pursue that dream. The police officer decides to let them go in the end.

Izzy spends the night at Casey's place. She gets there is time to see Sam stop by for his stuff before he heads over to Zahid's place. Casey and Izzy pal around a bit before Nate shows up. The three of them watch a movie together. Izzy falls asleep. Nate tries making a move on Casey. She freaks out and asks him to leave.

The timing of this whole episode seems a bit off. The parts that involve Sam and Casey clearly take place at night but the part that focuses on Doug and Elsa seems to start during the day. There is one scene at the beginning of the episode that involved all four family members. It was near the beginning of the episode but that was it. Paige shows up briefly early in the episode. Julia is not in this episode.

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